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Our process


Frames are supremely important because they form the foundation on which everything else depends. Solid hardwood beech frames are built with joints that have been screwed, glued and doweled for maximum strength and reliability. (In a few instances, where strength is not an issue, some 13mm plywood and other types of board are also used solely to give shape or for tacking off to hold the cover in place) Our occasional chairs and office chairs are also built from solid hardwood and polished to the colour of your choice for example mahogany, yew, natural lacquered, black, oak or many more stains shown on our finishing touches page.


Springs & Suspension

Springs and suspension are further vital elements in furniture construction. Springvale seat platforms are fully sprung with double tempered no-sag springs which are all supported and linked together with silent wire to create a suspension system which gives longer-lasting strength and durability. In Chesterfield suites the back springs are also linked together in the same way to give extra strength and comfort. Coil sprung units are also available on certain models. Please call 01706 211830 for details.


Seat Comfort

Only the highest quality foam and fibre fillings are used. Seat cushions are state-of-the-art foams, which combine fire-resistance with a sumptuous feel to give exceptional comfort with strength and durability. These foams are known as reflex foams. Because reflex foams are so versatile you can choose the type of seat support which you prefer:


  1. Super soft (guaranteed for 12 months)
  2. Soft to medium
  3. Medium to firm
  4. Very firm


Also for that loose ‘lived in’ look we can supply you with fibre fillings however this option is not covered on the guarantee.


Buttons and Studs

Traditional leather upholstery styling usually involves deep buttoning, to give and retain shape and tension. Most buttoning work involves a fastening into the frame to a depth of 2 to 4cms. The possibility of buttons becoming loose is almost non-existent. As standard we use leather buttons however genuine Swarovski Crystal buttons are also available as an additional extra. Antique studs are our standard studs used, however brass & chrome coloured studs are available as an alternative shown on our finishing touches page. Or if you prefer, double piping can replace studding altogether.


Castors & Bun Feet

Springvale offer a selection of feet for most ranges. Only top quality castors and glides are used as an alternative choice to hardwood bun feet. Wooden feet can be polished to your choice of colour for example mahogany, yew, natural lacquered, black, oak or many more stains shown on our finishing touches page.



The choice and preparation of hides is the most visible factor in leather furniture. Springvale use natural cowhides because they provide the finest fibre structure and strength, they are also more supple and versatile. A thickness of 1 to 1.4mm is ideal, any thicker makes it difficult to work with and almost impossible to deep button, any thinner and strength and the required 'feel' is lost. We use mostly UK & European hides however we also offer some South American leather as another option. We only use the highest quality hides which are tanned throughout, the way we ‘grade’ our leathers is by the finish of the leathers, so if you want a strong hard wearing leather able to withstand heavy wear (children, red wine etc) we have our Shelly, Birch, Lena, Elegance & Wind ranges, or if you require a leather which will have that lived in appeal we have our Old English, Etna, Selvaggio & Rimini ranges. In addition to these, we have many more leather options including foil, metallic, cracked, patterned & textured leathers.


Standard Leathers

Our prices are based on our ‘standard’ leathers, the Shelly, Birch & Antique ranges. These 3 ranges include many colours from neutrals to bright coloured leathers. These leathers have a uniform grain pattern & are suitable for heavy domestic use. They are all extremely easy to care for & our standard care products are suitable for these leather ranges. In production the hides are buffed and any marks and scars virtually removed. Pigment is then applied to give the required colour and an even finish. The antique leathers get their appearance with the same process however a further staining to the top surface is applied, which is then gently removed in certain areas to create a two tone effect, then the leather is sealed with a protective finishing lacquer. Our sales team are fully trained leather specialists, so please feel free to contact us on 01706 211830 if you require more information on our leather options.


How Do I Know Which Leather Is Right For Me?

We offer such a large range of fabrics & leathers to ensure you can find the perfect colour, finish & design for your requirements. We prominently use a leather supplier called CrestJMT which provide a wide range of UK, European & South American hides perfect for use in all aspects of seating. For fabric options we use a fabric company called Clarke & Clarke, which is located near our Rossendale showroom, they provide a wide range of fabric options & also offer wall coverings & drapery fabrics which can match/compliment your chosen upholstery fabric. In addition to these suppliers we use a wide range of other leather & fabric suppliers, we also offer a bespoke option where you can supply us with your very own choice of fabric or leather, so you know your perfect piece of furniture can be made in ANY fabric or leather. We offer a free of charge sample service where we can send you a wide range of leather or fabric samples which fit your requirements, please call our sales team on 01706 211830 or fill out the ‘contact us’ form online to make a sample request. Alternatively you can visit our Rossendale showroom where we have hundreds of leather & fabric swatch books for you to view.

Hopefully this will have answered some of your questions about our manufacturing process but please feel free to contact our sales team on 01706 211830 for any more information. We also have a blog which covers many points of our manufacturing process & also a guide for what to look for when purchasing high quality furniture.