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Frequently Asked Questions


The wellbeing of our clients, staff and suppliers is of utmost priority.

As of Monday 18th May 2020 our Rossendale showroom is now open! We will be adhering to the social distancing guidelines and we will also have PPE on site for visitors who wish to use it. We are also offering dedicated appointments where the showroom is closed to other members of the public during your visit. If you would like to make use of this service, please call 01706 211830 to book an appointment.

With regards to home deliveries, we are now offering this service but with extra safety procedures in place.

For more information regarding the changes Springvale have made in response to COVID-19 please call 01706 211830 or email


1. How long does your furniture last?

If cared for correctly our furniture will last up to 20 years depending on the style and leather you choose. However with our furniture our seat cushions and on some ranges back cushions can be removed so you can replace them when the furniture starts looking worn and therefore it is likely that you will become tired of the furniture long before the furniture looks too tired for you!

2. Why is there similar looking furniture on the market for different prices?

As most of you know there are many items being imported in to the UK at the moment, and very few British manufacturing companies remaining, we are proud of the 100% British made furniture we have to offer. All of our materials used to manufacture our furniture are carefully selected from the UK (where available) and the techniques used to manufacture are the traditional techniques that have been developed through hundreds of years and every piece is HAND CRAFTED specifically for your requirements. We do not mass produce any of our furniture and we certainly do not use any machines to reduce the manufacturing costs. With this in mind our prices are very competitive for the service and high quality.

3. Why are there so many coverings available?

You have probably noticed that when it comes to Springvale leather, the possibilities are endless. This is because unlike many other furniture manufacturers we have unlimited leather and fabric options, in fact the largest selection in the UK. We understand it is difficult to decide exactly what colour you want your furniture to be as it is more than likely you will be living with that furniture for at least 5 years. With this in mind we offer many options of coverings and also different combinations and finishes to ensure YOUR perfect piece of furniture is easily available to you. We also offer the different options to ensure we have something to cater to EVERYONE for example if you like the distressed look but don’t like the aftercare instructions for that type of leather we have a hard wearing distressed alternative. This is just another fantastic service we offer.

4. Some people say chesterfields are uncomfortable… is this true?

To be honest some of the chesterfields are firm but not necessarily uncomfortable. The deep buttoning style of the chesterfield design tends to be firmer than the modern fibre filled designs, however with our specialist upholstery techniques we have a bespoke service which allows us to upholster extra padding in between the buttons on any of our chesterfield models, so if you want a chesterfield but don’t want to risk it being too firm, this service is a perfect option.

5. What quality of leather do you use?

We only use full cowhides that are sourced mainly in the UK and Europe. Our leather is between 1mm to 1.4mm thick, we do not use split, bycast or patched up hides and our hides are tanned throughout, which on the darker shades you can see evidence of on the back side of the leather. Our leather is top quality, however due to different finishes the prices do vary, for example if you wanted suede effect leather there may be an amendment on the price from 10% - 30% depending on which range you chose. We also offer metallic, foil, textured and patterned leathers which are also top quality full hides.

6. What type of foams and fillers do you use in the seats?

We only use the very best quality foams and fillers. These are available in the following; very soft, soft-to-medium, medium-to-firm and very firm. Also available are fibre seats which give a looser, 'squashy' appearance. We usually advise you to choose the pink foam which is the soft-to-medium option and the best for all round wear and comfort, however if you suffer from back, leg, neck or any other muscle or ache pain then we will be happy to advise you on additional support available in the seat and back cushions to aid pain relief when lounging.

7. What are the care instructions for your furniture?

The care instructions vary depending on what covering you choose. If you choose a fabric option, most of the fabrics can be cared for easily, however some of the fabrics do require dry cleaning so you would need a specialist dry cleaning company to do this in your home. The leather care also varies depending on the range you choose. If you choose standard hard wearing leather ranges, using our standard conditioner once a year and cleaning with a mild soap solution will ensure your furniture stays in good condition. If you choose a waxy, oil based or nubuck style leather, you will need to condition and clean you furniture with specialist products approximately 4 times a year. If you decide to purchase your furniture from us, we supply you with all the aftercare instructions and we also have a dedicated aftercare helpline supplied with your 10 year guarantee.

8. Can your furniture be repaired?

When creating our ranges we had the customer (YOU) in mind. We wanted to make sure that if anything did go wrong (spillages/scissors in pockets/children mishaps) then it would be easy to repair/amend so buying a new suite wouldn’t be necessary. With all our ranges we completely achieved this as every piece has loose seat cushions which can be repaired easily and with our dedicated after care helpline we can advise you on what products are best for cleaning a wide range of spillages and even which ink removing products are best.

9. Will my furniture be insured?

Most household contents insurance will cover your new furniture from Springvale. However, we would advise you to check with your insurance company. This will obviously save you money which you do not necessarily need to spend. If you feel you require a special insurance cover - we can offer you one. Please call 01706 211830 for details.

10. How do I order?

As all of our furniture is made to order, unfortunately you cannot buy direct from the internet. You can however contact one of our sales team on 01706 211830 and they will be happy to advise you on anything you require. You can also make the journey over to our showroom in Rossendale to see our furniture and order directly. We also have items shown in many shops around the World so please contact us if you would like details of our stockists.

Please also visit our Blog where we cover many subjects about furniture, caring for your furniture and how best to deal with any problems with your furniture. If you have any other questions or queries that aren’t answered here or in our Blog then please call us on 01706 211830 and we will be happy to assist.